10 Things You Should Never do to Your Kids


Children are considered as the gift of the god. I agree completely with this statement. They are the love gifts which given to us  by god. Our duty is to take good care of them. We are all selfish about our child. We need them better than others. Making them picture perfect is not so easy, we have to be picture perfect before making them. There are certain things you should never do and don’t we should follow.

1.Don’t shout at them, learn their language :

Usually young children want to follow their parents, if you ask them, they will tell their  parents are their role models.  We should think twice before we shout at them for their mistakes. Try to sort it out slowly.

2. Don’t  Ignore them:

If You ignores your child totally, the child will also ignore you. We should listen to them well. We are supposed to answer their doubt and hear small complaints. Spare some time with you to make them happy.

3.Don’t scold them in front of others :

We scold our children for many reasons. Scolding is not an exact solution. It is needed to revert them from  making mistakes. But for this try to use the language of love with utmost parental care. Make them feel special.

4.”No” don’t say that :

Small children will be having lots of doubt regarding many issues. for us they are disturbing us. So if they are coming to ask for some permission. Hurry Burry we will say “No”. Try to listen to them, If you cannot allow them also, tell them that it is not possible because this reason. State reasons for “NO’s”

5.Don’t Discourage them :

You discourage your child means you are destroying their happiness. If a child is concentrating something means he/she is having a some interest towards what are doing. Try to understand what they like to encourage them for doing it. Give your suggestion, which will make them happy.

6. Don’t be so rude at them :

Being rude at your child will give you an unhappy child. Understanding them and using the language of love is the effective way to groom your child for tomorrow. Or else they will also become rude at everyone.

7. Don’t let them sit alone :

If you have only child, the child will get bored and the child will play alone and sit alone. If your child is sitting alone you, you should go and sit and talk. Or else give some books to read.

8. Don’t block their freedom :

They like to play in the ground and we will ask them to play on the computer. This isbecause we are worried about them. We want them to be safe and at home. But this is not correct. Give them freedom to playoutside your home, let them run and play. This will help the child to get refreshed. If you are too much worried please go with them into parks.

9. Don’t share your child drawbacks to others :

If your child is not studying well, please don’t share this with your family member or with your friends. Especially in front of them. That will result indisappointment. Try to help them in their studies rather than blaming them.

10. Don’t misbehave in front of your child :

As I told you earlier, you are your child role model. If you misbehave in front of him for any reason. The child will also imitate you. That time you cannot blame your child. Be careful before you use every word.


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