10 Tips to Look Better and Thinner in Pictures


10 Tips to Look Better and Thinner in Pictures

In factors of Styling and personality women always desire to look better. But most of the people doesn’t like to see their photographs as they do not like to see their imperfections in ones pic. Celebrities seems to look good in photos too as they well know how pose a click.

Awaiting for the tips to look slimmer in photos? Yes!!!! Here we have enlisted few tips to look better and thinner in pictures.

Turn your body to one side- When you pose a click, turn your body to one side and put your hand on your hip. Then point your toe to camera and turn your head towards camera. This tip really make you look better and slimmer.

Cross your legs while you sit– As we all know, we always prefer to stand while clicking snaps, but if it happen when someone comes to click at you while you seated, in that case be sure you cross your legs at ankles as your thighs will look slimmer and you look better in picture.

Lose Double chin- To avoid a double chin in clicks, Make your neck longer and push your face slightly front a bit. May be you feel little difficult, but sure it will look great and slimmer.

Hold out your arms- Hold out your arms slightly away from body as this make your body look flattened. This is the reason many celebrities pose with their arm on hips as they look better and slimmer while posed a click.

Keep your tummy in and shoulders back- To have a good posture in pictures, be sure to pull back your shoulders and tummy in. Practice in your leisure time, unless you pull back your shoulders and your tummy in to not to have unnatural look in pictures.

A single colored outfit can look make you look slimmer- A simple tip that you look better and thinner is wearing a single colored outfits. This could make you look slimmer and your legs longer.

Distance Matters- Being closer to camera will appear lager. So accordingly plan a click, as distance is a basic rule for a standing pose.

Blush is a must!!–  With no color on your cheeks can look your face dimensionally broaden and look little larger. Use some light colored shades on your cheeks to shape your face thin and look slimmer.

Carry object like handbag- It’s an easy and simple tip to look better and thinner of your advantage. It can hide your tummy bulginess and you look slimmer in pictures.


Practice perfect poses– As we all know, a good practice can make a man perfect, so make yourself try some poses that you look slim in pics in front of a mirror. By doing this can make you perfect and feel comfortable pose in pictures.


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