5 Things Every Man wants during Sex


Every couple wants to make their sexy life comfortable and entertaining. So ladies, do you know exactly what your partner wants during sex to make it sweet, easy and enjoyable?

There are number of things but some of them are as follows that are in men’s mind. 

  1. Take initiative- They love if you will take initiative, and let them know that you are also wishing the same. Also try some new positions or places. They love to enjoy with your comfort.
  2. Foreplay- Foreplay makes ready to both of you and it is very important to show your love to your partner. By kissing, touching, massage, etc
  3. Dirty talk- Dirty talk is sexual phrasing sex play in order to make your partner on. Man love’s dirty talk during sex to make him ready.
  4. Sexy Lingerie- Sexy lingerie also makes him happy and attract him towards you. Men appreciate his partner to wear and try different types of sexy lingerie.
  5. Spontaneity- Spontaneity is also important thing that man wants from his partner. Like to send him romantic message, talk to him what you want, let him chase on you, etc.

Above are some things that every man wants during sex, to make it sweet, hot and sexy.


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