8 Things you do that will cause Wrinkles


8 Things you do that will cause Wrinkles

Wrinkles happen to everyone, as it’s a part of life, and of course you embrace a bit.  At the same time we all know that wrinkles is an unavoidable result of aging. Wrinkles is a sign of skin losing its elasticity which is only natural. Many things we do unknowingly that would cause wrinkles. There are several sneaky ways that wrinkles can appear on your skin that could be a diet or maximum time in hot climates.

Preventing wrinkles isn’t about looking young, but it keeps your skin healthy as possible. You may be doubting how to keep your skin healthy away from wrinkles? Relax!!! Here we have enlisted few things that will cause wrinkles. In order to avoid those unnecessary wrinkles happened in our routine day, we have worked on this post!!

Not trying Sun screen on daily basis- Exposure to sun can cause wrinkles more likely than expected by aging. The direct UV rays would actually damage the fibers in skin called elastin resulting in sagging of the skin.


So it is most important to apply sun screen lotions in any season, even in winter or while indoors to shield your skin from the sun. The best way to prevent wrinkles is by minimizing sun exposure by wearing sun screen on daily basis.

Leaving Make up on-


Always ensure to take off your make up at night is very important, as this could stretches the skin and makes your skin loose its elasticity. Hence, this will cause wrinkles by not removing make up, you are actually accelerating the process.

Smoking- “A main cause”-

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As we all know this common fact that, smoking causes dull skin and can lead to aging your skin. It not only effect your face but of course even some parts in your body. Smoking weakens the content of collagen fiber in your skin causing wrinkles and sagging of your skin. Additionally, the lips will be damaged causing wrinkles around your mouth.

The way you sleep-


Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent sleep induced wrinkles. Sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles as your skin is hard pressed against the pillow. Therefore, sleeping on your back will have less friction against your skin.

Excess on Gum Chewing– Constant bubblegum chewing can stretch your skin, causing wrinkles around your mouth and chin area. You may be come out of thought on gum chewing daily basis after reading this.


This is one of the best habit that is extremely easy to avoid bubblegum chewing. To freshen your breath choose mints instead of bubblegum.

Excess having of Sugary foods-


Intake of excess sugary treats and foods can cause wrinkles. Thick skin has more chances to get wrinkles soon. Fruits and veggies contain anti-oxidants which can allow your skin to be strengthen and can stay supple and healthy longer.

Not wearing sun glasses-

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If you overlook in wearing sun glasses or prescribed glasses can cause wrinkles.  Prevent your skin from wrinkles by protecting your eyes by wearing your glasses.

Enough Protein foods-

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Maybe last tip but the best tip can say “insufficient amount of protein” can cause wrinkles and cracks over your skin. Always make sure to eat at least one protein containing food at every meal. For, a protein foods like beans, eggs or leafy or fiber content foods etc.)


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