8 Tips to Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally


To get Soft Pink Lips Naturally, you need to keep your lips moisturized by clearing impurities with simple fruits, olive oil, aloe-Vera which are easily available in your home. Lips give charming effect to beauty and also confidence to most of them but unfortunately lips become dark, dull and unhealthy due to lack of proper care, smoking, consuming alcohols, stress, low blood circulation, trying different cosmetics of low quality, weather,hectic lifestyles and others.

Soft Pink Lips are every women desire as it add attractive and beautiful to face even attracts others that’s why women use different shades of Lipsticks a compulsory product which will be there in purse and handbags.

Lips are very sensitive, so using chemical products may not only damage lips, but may lead lip and mouth infection.

So try to avoid chemical products as possible and go for natural products which are easily available in home with even less expensive.

If you want to get Soft Pink Lips Naturally your first must take good care of your lips also try these simple tips which enhances your lips texture by getting simple pink, soft and gentle lips naturally.

1.Lip Message :

Lip MassageTo make your lips soft pink try to gently message your mouth. Use your soft bristled toothbrush to rub your lips in a circular motion. Use it very slowly. Otherwise, it can make wounds on your lips. Try to use immediately after your brushing. Doing it regularly will remove the death skin and give you a nice pink colour. But remember please don’t be harsh in messaging and brushing as skin on your lips is very gentle.

2. Drink Juices with Vitamin C :

Drink Juices with Vitamin CDrink lots of water and Juices with Vitamin C which will avoid dehydration that may cause your lips dry and luster on lips. Water and juices especially fruits which are red in colour tomatoes, strawberries as they deposit the colour, nourishes lips,skin and body also helps glowing healthy skin naturally.

3. Home Pack of Honey and Lemon:

Home Pack of honey-and-lemonJust made a simple pack with 1 tsp of honey, 1tsp lemon and  1 tsp sugar and massage your lips with that pack for 2 minutes. It is a simple home made scrub which will refresh your lips , brighten your lips also dullness will disappear.

4. Moist your Lips:

moist your lipsApply Vitamin E, moisturizing creams and unflavored lips balms to keep lips moisturized, as the skin on your lips contains a small amount of sebum (an oil). If you go outside try to apply bit of lip balm or petroleum jelly or even use coco butter to get and keep your lips to be soft and pink a moisturizing is a must.

5. Apply Cucumber juice:

Apply cucumber juice on lipsA great way to reduce any darkness on your lips Cucumber can also help you. Want to how cucumber plays that role. Take a thin piece of cucumber a slice of cucumber keep it on your lips for 5 minutes and later rub it against your lips which allow the juice to soak on your lips . Try to do this daily if possible. Cucumber is enriched with lightening elements and water, which will help you get moist and soft beautiful pink lips.

6. Lemon and Orange Peels:

Orange-lemon-peelsLemon and Orange are best used as cleanser. It can help you a lot in removing impurities on your lips. Not only you can apply lemon and orange juices on your lips, but you can also orange and lemon peels helps in treating dull and dark lips. So next time you keep the orange & lemon peels rub it on your apply lips, if you juice also apply it on your lips like massaging mode for 2minutes. Do it thrice in a week for a healthy lip.

7. Apply Rose Petals with Milk:

Apply Rose Petals with MilkRoses Petals in Milk is the easy and best tip to get pink lips naturally. Take some Rose Petals clean them in water and later soak them in milk for few minutes. Then simply make paste, if possible you can add honey also. Just apply on your lips leave it for 10 -15 minutes and message it gently on your lips. Wash your lips with lukewarm water. This will help nourishing your lips, exfoliates your lips make them look healthier, brighter soft pink lips naturally.

8. Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot JuiceBeetroot juice become natural lip stain and is wonderful for our lips. Not only it will give you beautiful colour but also Beetroot Juice which contains vitamins and antioxidants effectively help nourish your lips. Take a slice of beetroot and gently message it on your lips . Also you can apply beetroot juice on your lips at night before going to sleep and keep it all the night . When get up you will wake with gorgeous , pink lips and just apply unflavored lip balm the colour can last the whole day.

Other Simple Home Tips :

  • Apply Olive oil with lemon or honey on the lips before sleeping and notice your lips turning pink naturally.
  • Use a balm or lip stick or lip glosses which contain SPF 15 as protection to lips if you go outdoors.
  • Apply Carrot juice or paste on your lips.
  • Apply some aloe-Vera gel on lips message it 10 mins wash it off help to remove dirt, lighten lip colour.
  • Apply pomegranate juice with milk cream.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water which  helps your lips and skin soft and avoid dehydration.
  • Apply Fresh milk along with saffron which helps cracked lips, gives softness to your lips naturally.
  • Try to apply berries such as raspberries and strawberries which helps to reduce darkness vibrant on your lips.

Things to Avoid :

  • Removed makeup before sleeping.
  • Avoid Licking and Biting your lips which lead to dry, cracked and darkening of the lips
  • Avoid drinking excess tea and coffee which contain caffeine which effect the lip.

Go and glow with your smooth, shiny soft pink lips with utmost confidence. Do all these tips as per the steps above within one week you will feel differently in your lips. Dark lip color is not a problem anymore, what we needed is to work out.


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