Effective 10 Tips to Fix Greasy Oil Hair


Effective 10 Tips to Fix Greasy Oil Hair

Maintaining a greasy hair is tricky thing, feel clumsy and uncomfortable. The freshness of hair goes away that causes loss in its luster and smoothness. Due to pollution exposure there are lot of chances to become a greasy hair. The scalp turns oily and itchy and causes eventually hair loss and vanishes the silky nature of your hair, simultaneously greasy hair can cause dandruff.

Frustrated with your thorny greasy hair? Relax!! Here you can get some simple home remedies to fix your greasy hair to shiny and fresh hair with spending time.

Don’t wash your hair on regular basis- Washing your hair too much can lead your hair greasy and sticky. The more you wash your hair, the more oil your hair produce. So always make sure to wash hair for every three days, though you feel little uncomfortable at the start but your hair will soon adjust to new look.


Wash your hair with mild oil removing shampoos not more than three times a week to get rid your greasy hair.

no poo washing

Rinse your hair with cold water- Hot water can stimulate the glands of natural oil from hair. So always rinse your hair maximum with cold water as it will slowly help in producing the sebum glands and closes the hair follicles.

Comb hair

Do not touch your hair more- The more you touch, or brush or comb to style your hair, the more your scalp will produce and oily glands and turns your hair greasy and will make your hair oily.

Witch Hazel Oil- One of the effective remedies that works well and makes your hair get rid from griminess.


How to apply?

Mix in 4 drops of oil in 2 tbsp of water and apply the mixture on your hair using cotton ball dabbing into the mixture. Doing this can enhance your hair shiny and reduces the griminess of your hair. Repeating this process at least 4 to 5 times a week can give you a better results.

Hair styling proructs

Hair Styling Products- Avoid using hair styling products for greasy and oily scalps. If any case you wanted to use styling products ensure you use only for hair ends.

Healthy food for greasy

Healthy Diet- Intake of health diet on a regular basis can get rid your hair from oily n griminess. Simultaneously intake of plenty of water can keep your body hydrated to keep your scalp healthy. Consume healthy fat content foods like nuts, fish throughout your diet. As we all know fruits is the best healthy diet to maintain a balanced hair.


Balance your health with no long stress- As we all know stress cause imbalance chance in your hormones resulting in production of oils on your skin and hair too. So by simple work outs or yoga or meditation can get rid your stress levels and will help you to get rid your oily hair and other skin and hair problems.

Henna Henna

Henna- Try henna to keep your hair oil and grease free and enhances your hair to smooth and shiny. Mix in 6 tbsp of henna powder in 2 cups or so of water to make a smooth paste. Leave the mixture for at least 2 hours and apply over to scalp and leave for 1 hour. Post one hour, rinse your hair clean, soft and shiny.

Aloe vera- One of the best home remedies to get your hair shiny and smooth is aloevera.

Aloevera Aloevera

How to use?

Mix in a tbsp. of lemon and a fresh aleovera gel in a cup of shampoo and mix well. Apply the mixture over your hair and massage completely for few minutes and rinse your hair gently. Doing this on a regular basis can enhance your hair smooth and shiny.

do not do not

Avoid to scratch your scalp- Scratching your scalp vigorously will produce excess oil on scalp and turns your hair complete greasy. So always avoid to scratch your scalp.

Conclusion, these tips could enhance your hair smooth and shiny but always go with a best research before you proceed.


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