Get Rid of Stinky feet


Stinky feet are a common embarrassing is  Medically called as Bromodosis. Smelly feet are mainly because of sweating. Some shoes and socks can produce more sweats. Bacteria can live in this condition, and your feet will start smelling. IF your feet are smelly means where ever you going, you are just carrying these smell. It is really quite ridiculous.

Now we have to see what kind of remedies are there to face this problem. No worries, we will give you a number of remedies which you can do from your home itself, to get rid of smelly feet.

  1. Try to use different shoes in a week. Daily usage of same shoes can create smelly feet. I think it will work well.
  2. Dipping your feet in Dettol water can give you a little relief.
  3. Wash your feet with lemon and water.
  4. Do pedicure once in a month.
  5. Use Rosewater to wash your feet.
  6. Remove your socks after 6 hours.
  7. Give green tea treatment. Take some green tea bags put it in a bucket of water. Soak your feet in that water.
  8. Apply a night feet cream to get rid of stinky feet.
  9. Give a proper massage with almond oil.
  10. Put some talc before you wear your socks.

I hope all these remedies will be helpful for your smelly feet. Try to do follow any one of this accordingly. These all are a result oriented and easy methods. Nobody likes stinky feet.


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