Quick and Easy 5 Hair Styles you DIY


According to my opinion hair styles will determine how the day should. If we go to office with different kind of hair looks. Definitely, everybody comment on you. Most probably  you will get healthy comments. If a day starts with a good comment, you will be happy towards the day’s end by submitting your work effectively. So for all this we should know how is your appearance today. We should style ourselves. To change our look first start with hair styles. Here are some quick methods we can simply follow.

1. Simple Ponytail :

simple ponytail hair styleBrush your hair together and put a bun in the middle of your hair. Decorate your hair with a color ribbon flower on the side of your  pony.

2. Puffy Pinning :

puffing pinningInsert a puffy bun with your front hair and hid the bun with your hair. Pin it perfectly with a designer clip. Leave the other part of your hair for flowing.

3. Put up by Leaving Front Portion :

put up by leaving frontPut up your hair using a neat bun on your back and leave the front portion for styling. Style your hair by leaving in without pinning.

4. Single Twist :

single twist hairstyleTake a section of hair from the left, pull it to the right, pin it. Then take a piece from the right and cross it over to the left. Pin your hair from back portion.

5. Twisted Ponytail :

twisted-ponytailGive a knot in your hair with your hair tails itself in a pattern. This method is simple for office and give you a casual look.

These all hair styles very easily can be done within 5 minutes specially designed for working women and college students. Try it out to change your look frequently.


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