Top 10 Summer Beauty Tips


Top 10 Summer Beauty Tips

The summer is back again, so we should require own special beauty tricks to keep you skin beautiful even in hotter climates. Hair falls flat or frizzes, eye lids creases and looks mud against your tan. Though summer is irritating but you know the sun brings the beauty and health naturally, simultaneously the beauty becomes lubricous and might get beauty problems in hotter climates.

But relax, just to keep you looking as always gorgeous, here are the most helpful tips in hot seasons.

Hat Summer

Take care of your hair- One of the best summer tips is to take care of your hair, as it can be damaged easily by the influence of sun. To protect your hair from sun, always wear a cap or hat and go with deep conditioning a week. Do this frequently in regular summer to keep your lustrous and healthy too.

Summer Shutters

Sunscreen every day!!- One of the most important summer beauty tips is using sunscreen on daily basis. Since sunlight is the biggest cause of ageing your skin so always ensure to use sun screen every day to stay protected. Simultaneously, it prevents early wrinkles and skin problems.


Take care of your lips- Though your lips don’t tan against skin, but it becomes sore and cracks in summer climates. Therefore always apply a protective lip balms not to get your lips cracked.

Bug spray

Bug Spray- Bug spray is the best tip for people with red bumps and blotchy skin. You can get 2 in 1 lotions of sunscreen and insect repellant where you can apply on your skin and this is the best and easy to carry for long trips.

Summer waterPure diet should be maintained- Keeping your body hydrated is most important than ever. It keeps your skin glowing with lustrous hair look. So ensure to have at least 8 glasses of water a day and if you go out for longer hours make sure to carry a bottle with you. Intake of plenty fruits and nutritious vegetables can help your body from dehydration simultaneously keep you looking at your best all the summer.

Foot Foot

Feet Protection– Hotter weather can mess up your feet from nasty foot odors and can add on skin infections and eczema problems. So make sure to wear open sandals to keep your foot dry and apply sunscreen as well to keep your foot protected from sun and messy odors.

Pull back

Pull of your hair back/ Pull hair off your face- Always sweat off your neck and face with head bands, ponytails or scarfs would be fine. By hair off on your face you look gorgeous and of course comfort in summers.


Waterproof Mascara- The best tip in summer conditions is putting on water proof mascara’s as it could stop the raccoon eyes from appearing while you sweat and swim in pools.


Natural hair highlights in summer- You can highlight your hair from beach looks by spraying some fruit juices. Lemon juice for paled hairs, cranberry juice for dark grey hair by this it could add natural highlights to your hair.


 What to do if you do burn? – When there is no protection from sun, go with aloe vera natural treatments for sun soothing and healing tan. Or you can apply overnight creams containing zinc as it could help the sunburn to heal quicker.

At last, by taking care through these tips can enhance your beauty simultaneously it keeps you cool and gorgeous.


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